Spare parts catalogue

Dear balloon enthusiasts,

We are welcoming you in Kubicek Balloons spare parts catalogue.

We decided to open this tool for ballooning community, so you could explore through our technology. However, if you are a Repair station or certified Kubicek maintenance officer and want full access to our tool, please fill out form to get access to SPC.

How to shop?

1.Open the catalogue and from the pictorial index locate the group in which the part you want to find is present. Now find out the figure of the part you wish to order. And press ‘Add to Basket’.

2.In case, if you have the part number or reference name from Maintenance manual, please place part number or name in a search engine.

3.After you are sure that all the Spare parts you need are selected, please press on basket icon and proceed to the checkout.

Make sure you have a latest Maintenance manual for better reference. Latest version can be found HERE.

Any problems?

In case, if you need any technical assistance contact the concerned Dealer, which you can find here or write to us by clicking 'Contact Us' button.

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